The Requirement

A new facility was constructed in southern part of India to produce Passenger car radial tyres for which a storage solution had to be derived for their Engineering stores. Engineering stores possess a peculiar challenge to accommodate multiple SKUs of different Sizes, Shapes, weight & volume and hence the storage structure had to be versatile enough. With the overall 13,400 sq.ft the office area had to be planned for 600 sq.ft without affecting the storage capacity.

The Solution

Craftsman team visited their another manufacturing facility in order to make an operational study of their conventional Engineering stores. Based on the detailed ground study and SKU analysis the below mentioned solutions were offered

  • Multi Tier Shelving system with G+1 Tiers were designed with 4 levels on each Tiers
  • Modular Mezzanine system with G+1 configuration was offered in a motive to facilitate the office set up at ground tier for an area of 600 sq.ft
  • Conventional shelving system with specialized baseplate had been offered & positioned over the Mezzanine flooring so as to utilize the area for Heavy Duty storage

Benefits to the customer

  • The offered G+1 solutions are scalable and can be expanded up to G+3 in near future so as to cater the increasing demands. Mezzanine and Shelving systems are detachable and can be dismantled to suit the varying operational needs.
  • Provision of runner type baseplates for the shelving system enabled the Mezzanine structure to withstand the heavy duty load application. Office set up without affecting the storage capacity was made possible thanks to the modular Mezzanine system.
  • Entire racking structures were powder coated to their global colour standards so as to preserve the uniformity.