Pallet ASRS Crane

Automated storage and retrieval machines that run on rails, with a single or double mast frame depending on the requirements of the system. Equipped with telescopic forks, for the storage and retrieval of pallets from single or double-deep racks, making this solution is highly adaptable to a wide range of materials and handling needs.

AS/RS Stacker cranes- Designed according to FEM specifications, our AS/RS stacker cranes are individually engineered and customized to suit customer-specific storage in terms of pallet dimensions, weight, and throughput requirements. Up to 40 pallets In & Out per hour per crane. To overcome vibrations in the mast during operation, anti oscillation devices and tampering programs are implemented.

24/7 Availability

High Efficient Regenerative Drives

WMS Operated

Guaranteed Pallet Throughput

Top View