The Requirement

One of their new Warehouse was constructed in the Northern part of our country in a motive to expand their storage capacity. The storage requirement was to accommodate 9,00,000 carton boxes in a designated space of 64,700 Sq.ft. The storage model had to offer provisions for fire detection systems and electrical supports since they possess a serious threat to the Documents. The project was planned to be executed in 2 phases in which 6,00,000 carton locations were allocated for Phase-I and the remaining locations to be planned for Phase-II.

The Solution

  • Multitier shelving system with G+4 configuration had been Designed, manufactured and erected to utilize the predominant available height of 12 meters with 10 storage levels
  • Vertical reciprocating conveyor with localized control at all 5 levels to handle and transport the trolley loaded with carton boxes vertically along with the staircases for manual movement
  • Provisions in racking structure were provided for the installation of FDS (Fire Detection system) and electrical supports throughout the cross aisle and main aisle in each floors of the racking system

Benefits to the customer

  • Storage locations of 6,00,000 carton boxes were achieved comparatively in a much lesser space accounting to about 15% reduction to the expectation.
  • Through efficient project planning and proper material sequencing, our project team had handed over the racking structure in a floor wise manner so as to assist the customer to kick start the warehouse operation.
  • Single piece upright column design for a height of 12m had been manufactured and erected to enable the stability of the Multitier System.
  • Both electrical and mechanical braking features had been incorporated in our Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor so as to adhere to their global standards.
  • Entire project had been completed in 10 weeks of time without affecting their constructional activities