The Requirement

Our client was in a motive to find a one stop storage solution provider to cater storage solutions for all of their key varieties like Raw Material, Work In Progress and Finished Good items as per global standard. Each of the three varieties were peculiar in terms of size, weight & volume and hence customized solutions were more than a necessity to meet our client’s requirement. The current capacity of 8MT of sheets and 6MT of pipes & rods to be doubled in order to meet its production need. The solution should also accompany a storage model to house more than 1500 highly credential corporate documents.

The Solution

Multiple Product Solution had been provided to cater their requirement

  • Cantilever System – For storage of RM like Bars & Pipes with a length of more than 15 feet
  • Sheet Storage – Special solution to store and retrieve sheets
  • Shelving Racks – For the storage of WIP material at the Manufacturing & Assembly Stations
  • Pallet Racking System – For the storage of FG to achieve the expected storage capacity
  • Mobile Shelving System – For the storage of documents and files

Benefits to the customer

  • Overall storage solution right from Raw Material to Work in Progress and Finished Goods were all well synchronized and in tandem. Special Solution for Storage of Metal Sheets using mechanics eased their storing and retrieval methodologies.
  • Mobile compactors had enabled them to utilize more space with single aisle concept and accessibility control of items was introduced. With efficient space planning pallet racking system offers them utmost selectivity.