Application : Storage of Diesets

  • A Dieset is a suitcase shaped box of size 350mm(D) x 275mm(W) x 100mm(H) & its Avg. weight is 10Kg’s.
  • Each die set consists of 4 or 5 No. of dies which they will use for the manufacturing of cutting tools based on the cutting tool design.
  • A total of 1400 die sets are present in their stock.
  • For every shift stores person need to issue Avg. 20 No. of die sets for that shifts production.

The Challenge

  • Previously it is stored inside a mobile compactor
  • There was no proper tracking of die sets, difficult to trace & chances of misplacing.
  • Difficult to handle manually, Chances of falling & damage.
  • Issuing of Die sets is a time consuming process.
  • No information on either a Dieset has all the dies inside the box or some are missing, need to open & check the boxes.

VSTORE Specification

  • Dimensions : 7550(H), 3040( Tray width), 75-Trays, 210Kg Capacity.
  • Installation Month : Jan 2019
  • Storage Capacity : 16 Diesets x 75 trays = 1200 Diesets as shown in above picture.

Benefits to the customer

  • Customer is using this machine for almost 2 years now, it has completed 45600 cycles, they are satisfied with the machine performance & our service support.
  • Their major pain point of tracing the Diesets has solved now by using VSTORE WMS software.
  • Ergonomic handling has reduced the risk of damage & reduced the physical effort of issuer.