VSTORE HD – Heavy Duty

V-Store HD Automated Vertical Storage System is Heavy Duty storage solution for organizing, storing ,displaying and accessing heavy parts efficiently and ergonomically. V-Store HD is a fully automated Vertical Storage System that consists of the lift that positions the pallet vertically in fixed storage locations and the extractor to position the pallet on the either side of the storage.

VStore HD consist of transfer trolley which will deliver and receive the parts stored in pallet from the pick up and delivery station.



Areas Catered

Lifting Extractor

Pallet Transfer Trolley

Lifting Extractor

Technical Specification

System V Store T – Tower V Store C – Tower
System Height [m] 5 ~ 12(Steps of 0.5m) 4.5 ~ 8(Steps of 0.5m)
Pallet Width [mm] 2500/3050 2500/3050
Pallet Depth [mm] 1250/1525 1250/1525
Max. Loading height in each pallet location [mm] 90 ~ 200(Variable as per SKU) 90/135
Weight capacity per pallet location [Kg] 3000 3000
Max. Lifting speed [m/min] 25 6
Max. Storage and Retrieval speed [m/min] 25 20
Transverse Speed of Trolley [m/min] 25
No. of pallet locations <75 <30
Foot Print of the Machine [mm] 9000 x 5750 6000 x 5750
Automatic Control Standard Standard
Material Stock Administration Optional Optional
ERP Link Optional Optional