Multi-deep Shuttle ASRS

Multi-deep Pallet Shuttle ASRS is a revolutionary multi-deep Automated storage system for Pallets, comprising multiple types of equipment working in tandem:

  • Ultra-capacitor-powered pallet shuttle
  • Shuttle-carrier
  • Pallet lifter
  • Buffer conveyors

The pallet shuttle ASRS and Carrier can communicate with each other and also with the Shuttle Fleet Management Software (SFMS), which relays instructions as to which pallet to store and retrieve from which location. The shuttle and shuttle carrier are fitted with state-of-art distance, positioning, and proximity sensors, and are highly accurate and able to place pallets within 5 mm accuracy. Each Shuttle & Shuttle Carrier operates on a single level and can access pallets stored in a level by moving in orthogonal directions to each other.

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  • 100% automated storage operations
  • Quick access and faster delivery times
  • Optimized space utilization
  • Multi-deep storage
  • High throughputs for a large range of goods
  • Optimum Sequencing of material
  • Simple machine control with plug & play solutions for faster commissioning
  • Optimum solutions for all unit loads owing to Craftsman’s load handling attachments
  • Safe and efficient pallet handling
  • Ensured reliability
  • Controlled Inventory

Multi-deep Shuttle ASRS

Multi Deep Shuttle ASRS offers an automated storage solution to deliver and stack the products between the different pallet levels. Craftsman’s Shuttle ASRS is an integral and holistic operation of different equipment in a tandem. 

  • Ultra-capacitor-powered pallet shuttle
  • Shuttle-carrier
  • Pallet lifter
  • Buffer conveyors

Craftsman’s Warehouse management system is made to help users improve the efficiency of tracking inventory and supplies in a storage system. Through our WMS various processes like Picking, Sorting, Transfer are made possible. The WMS can be a stand-alone service or it can be integrated with an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Supply Chain Management (SCM) software, thereby significantly enhancing user experience. Advanced reporting features within the software helps managers analyse performance of the operation as a whole and find areas of improvement. The WMS software designed inhouse is customer specific i.e. configurable to the users needs, rather than requiring you to change your business to fit the software.

WMS System helps to manage a Warehouse like a Conductor of an Orchestra by

  • Synchronizing all warehousing activities starting from Receiving up to Dispatch & Truck Loading.
  • It leverages advanced data capture using Barcode labelling / RFID tagging and related technologies.
  • Helps to Synchronize activities towards phased prioritized picking through Wave Management
  • Can trigger extensive Alerts for operators, for required manual actions/interventions.
  • Leads to a Robust & Load balancing system, every-step-of-the-way.

With a well-integrated WMS System

  • Helps to provide visibility of inventory of Goods through-out the entire Warehouse life cycle.
  • Supports in significantly reducing the operating cost by shortening order-fulfilment cycles.
  • Reduces inventory costs implementing MOQ and automated replenishment.
  • Boosts productivity by using Task Interleaving features for high throughput.
  • Improves inventory accuracy.