Problem Statement

1. Advanced Automated Space optimization solution

The customer was moving forward with the transition of their current traditional stores to an enhanced space optimization system. The store’s initial layout was 10,000 square feet. The main challenge faced by the client was to minimize the floor space consumption without any reduction in storage capabilities.

2. Efficient retrieval of the components

Article tracing has been the major challenge faced by their staff. Identifying the components took a long time and required a lot of human effort. Many parts have a shelf life relative to their expiration date. The difficult part was choosing the components automatically that expires first.

Articles stored in VStore : PCB Assemblies ,Capacitors, Resistors, SMT connectors, IC Sticks ,JLG connectors other electronic components

The Solution

Machine specifications : 3040mm tray width 4mt height, 44 trays with 210 kg/tray payload

No of Machines : 2 Units

No of cycles till date : 4000 cycles, Installation Year: 2020 March

  • The customer could maximize the vertical space in the building by using the VStore, which would reduce the amount of floor space needed. The storage density has therefore increased considerably compared to static shelves.
  • Customization of the operating software via touch screen IPC provided the flexibility to the customer to pick the components as per their expiry date. The organized way of retrieving the components from different heights quickly provided the customer with the benefit of accurate picking.
  • The advanced modular design of VStore enables the customer to expand vertically at any point of time with minimal change in parts.
  • 6,000 items in static shelves took up approximately 930 sq mt. Post Vstore installation, 2800 items occupy less than 27 sq mt with 2 machines. A significant 90% of the floor space was saved. The space saved is being used for other productive purposes.

Benefits to the customer

Customer was happy to achieve the desired space savings with installation of VStore. Alongside many features of VStore benefitting them in storing and retrieval of the components.